Certificate in Health Professions Education – CHPE

CHPE: Transforming Healthcare Teaching

Empower your healthcare teaching journey with our Certificate in Health Professions Education (CHPE). Designed for passionate healthcare educators, our program delves deep into the intricacies of teaching and training in the health sector. Whether you’re an experienced educator or looking to enhance your foundational skills, the CHPE course will equip you with contemporary strategies, methodologies, and insights. Engage with a comprehensive curriculum in a fully online setting, allowing you to experience a dynamic and interactive learning environment tailored to meet the evolving demands of healthcare education.

Key Learning Outcomes of the CHPE Program

Upon successful completion of the Certificate in Health Professions Education (CHPE) course, participants will:

  1. Utilize educational principles to craft teaching sessions, encompassing both cognitive and psychomotor domains.
  2. Showcase proficiency in both traditional face-to-face and modern online teaching techniques.
  3. Implement assessment principles when formulating tests and examinations.
  4. Design top-tier test items, ensuring the elimination of item writing flaws, and effectively assessing both cognitive and psychomotor abilities.
  5. Provide insightful and constructive feedback to learners.
  6. Incorporate educational fundamentals in instructing, assessing, and nurturing professional behaviors in students.

Course Duration & Structure

The Certificate in Health Professions Education (CHPE) spans a period of 6 months or 24 weeks. This duration encapsulates Live online sessions, dedicated assignments, and a comprehensive examination to holistically gauge participants’ proficiency.

Credit hours Breakdown

The CHPE program comprises a total of 18 credit hours. Here’s the allocation:

  • 4 credit hours are dedicated to each of the four contact sessions, making a total of 16 credit hours.
  • An additional 2 credit hours are designated for assignments and participant presentations.

In essence, the CHPE course is segmented into four modules, with each module being 4-credit hours, cumulating to the total 18 credit hours.

CHPE: Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

MBBS/BDS or 16 years of education in Health & Allied Sciences Discipline like MBBS,
BDS. Nursing, Physiotherapy, Pharmacy etc.

The total cost of the Six months Postgraduate Certificate in Health Professions Education program is Rs. 60,000.

Classes are fully online two days a week on weekend evenings

The CHPE course is specifically designed to equip health sciences educators with foundational and advanced knowledge in medical education. Our goal is to enhance their teaching capabilities, ensuring they excel in their roles within health sciences institutions.

  • Diverse Curriculum: Spanning learning theories, curriculum design, grant proposal crafting, and research presentation.
  • Interactive Experience: Design captivating lesson plans, orchestrate compelling presentations, and innovate assessment techniques—all online.
  • Leadership Potential: Upon completion, be poised to spearhead best practices in online health professions education.
  • Course Dynamics: Fully online, our CHPE program is a beacon of flexibility, allowing professionals to seamlessly integrate learning into their busy schedules.


Online Examinations: Flexibility and Convenience

The Certificate in Health Professions Education (CHPE) features online examinations. These assessments are meticulously designed to evaluate your grasp of medical education concepts and your capability as a health sciences educator. With our assessment-based approach, we ensure that learners not only acquire knowledge but also effectively apply it in real-world teaching scenarios.

Curriculum Overview:


Awarding Body and Accreditations:

IHMS is honored to collaborate with the esteemed Health Services Academy (HSA) for our online postgraduate diplomas. HSA, backed by global giants like the United Nations (UN) and the World Health Organization (WHO), ensures our diploma’s international standing and prestige. Upon completion of the program receive a certificate directly from Health Services Academy, paving the way for substantial career opportunities in the healthcare sector. Enroll and be part of a course recognized by leading international entities.

Step into the Future of Healthcare Teaching

Ready to elevate your career in healthcare education? Seize this opportunity with the Certificate in Health Professions Education (CHPE).