American International Theism University Chancellor Visits IHMS

On a momentous occasion for the Institute of Health and Management Sciences (IHMS), the esteemed Chancellor, Dr. Rehab El Shamy, from the American International Theism University paid a visit to our institute. This visit marked a significant step forward in the pursuit of quality health education and opened doors to exciting collaborations between the two institutions.

The Distinguished Team’s Visit

 A distinguished team from the American International Theism University graced IHMS with their presence. The discussions that unfolded during their visit revolved around plans for enhancing the quality of health education. The team showcased a genuine interest in supporting IHMS in launching further programs, thereby strengthening the educational ties between the two institutions.

Collaboration in the Air

One of the most noteworthy outcomes of the visit was the expression of interest in fostering collaboration between IHMS and the American International Theism University. The two institutions recognized the potential for mutual growth and improvement in the field of health education. To solidify this commitment, they formally sealed their intent by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

A Landmark Achievement

For IHMS, this visit and the subsequent collaboration represent a landmark achievement. The association with an internationally recognized institution like the American International Theism University not only elevates IHMS’s stature but also reflects positively on the healthcare education landscape in Pakistan. This collaboration promises a brighter future for students and professionals in the health and management sciences.

Honoring Excellence

In a touching gesture that underscored the significance of this collaboration, the American International Theism University’s Chancellor, Dr. Rehab El Shamy, awarded Dr. Muhammad Usman Khan, CEO of IHMS, with a gold medal and shield. This recognition served as a testament to Dr. Usman’s relentless efforts and contributions to the field of health education.

A Proud Moment for Pakistan

Beyond the individual achievements and institutional collaborations, this visit was a matter of pride for Pakistan. It showcased the commitment of IHMS and the American International Theism University to contribute to the betterment of healthcare education in the country. Such partnerships not only enhance the global standing of Pakistani institutions but also create opportunities for students and professionals to access world-class education and resources.

The visit by the Chancellor of the American International Theism University to IHMS marked a turning point in the journey of both institutions. As they join hands in pursuit of quality health education, the memorandum of understanding serves as a tangible symbol of their shared commitment. This collaboration not only benefits the institutions directly involved but also holds the promise of elevating the standards of healthcare education in Pakistan. The gold medal and shield awarded to CEO Dr. Muhammad Usman further emphasize the individual efforts that contribute to the collective progress. IHMS looks forward to a future of growth, learning, and collaboration, building on the foundation laid during this momentous visit.

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